15 Lite Interior Doors 

I am very excited about this week's door shipment. We just received a pallet of 15 lite primed interior doors. These doors can add a classic county look to any space and at only $89 a slab (normally $145 and a two week lead time) it makes sense to get them now. For information and availability call us at our Maple Valley store at 425-432-5189. Here are a few inspirational pictures to get your creative juices flowing. For additional ideas see our Pinterest page!

1. Build an Enclosed Porch or Sitting Area 

2. Create a Garden Room 

3. Make a Picture Frame 

4. Stylize an outdoor wedding

5. Use them for a seating chart 

6. Use them as interior doors to create privacy and/or intimacy. 


Maple Slab Ideas

This last Saturday we showcased some of our rustic barn doors and maple slabs at the Issaquah Home and Garden Show. We had lots of interest in our booth and we got to speak to a lot of people about our products and store. Quite a few people stopped just to admire a maple slab we had on display. I had one group of women ask how someone could use a maple slab in their home. The obvious answer is as a table or bar top. Today, I decided to search the internet for some not so obvious answers. Below are just a few ideas I found online.  If you are interested in replicating any of these projects or have an idea of your own, come visit us and take a look at our maple slab selection. We can sell you just the slab so you can make the piece come to life yourself or we can complete your project for you.  

My Millwork Outlet Christmas Wishlist

Like most people who work in retail, I have a long list of things I would love to have from the store where I work. Every day I get to hear about all the different ways our customers are remodeling and improving their homes and it makes me think about all the projects I hope to get to one day. I know I am not the only person who has taken a walk around the Millwork Outlet and added to my personal wishlist. The problem is that the Millwork Outlet is often times the last place people think to go to buy a Christmas gift. However, every year I get a few customers who are brave enough to go out on a limb, skip the busy malls and give a gift that keeps on giving for years and years. 

Last year I had a guy bring in his mother-in-law and pick out a new front door for his wife. We prehung the door, installed the door knob and called a super secret number when it was ready to make sure it was a surprise. He hid it in his shed complete with a bow until Christmas morning. When he returned to purchase his back door a few months later he told us how excited his wife was on Christmas morning and how beautiful the new door looks.

I also had a older gentleman who had been in a few times with his grandson who had recently purchased his first home. He bought him a $100 gift certificate because he knew he needed a new front door and figured the $100 would go further at the Millwork Outlet than it would at the Home Depot. If there is someone on your list who is looking for new doors, windows, moulding or reclaim materials we would really appreciate it if you would consider shopping at the Millwork Outlet this holiday season. 

Below I have included my own Millwork Outlet Christmas Wishlist. Now I just need to figure out how to get my husband to check it out :) 

Venise's Millwork Outlet Christmas List 

  • A new custom raw edge maple slab coffee table
  • A new door knob for my front door 
  • A new 10 lite hemlock exterior door with hinge match
  • A reclaim crown shelf 
  • Quarter round moulding installed around my baseboard 
  • New shaker style cabinet doors for my kitchen 
  • Reclaim wood to be used as chair rail in my dining room 
  • Custom built reclaim wood picnic table for my back yard 
  • PVC brickmold for my entry door