"You are only $3 less than Home Depot, why should I buy it from you?"

I get this question all the time. At first I was shocked at the lack of logic in this statement. But the more I thought about it the more I came to realize this is really a great back handed compliment. People have come to expect that the Millwork Outlet has FANTASTIC prices so they assume our windows will be WAY cheaper than the box stores. And, if they get lucky and find a surplus window in our surplus window yard then yes, their window will be much cheaper. However, if they are in need of a brand new, warrantied window from our stock window yard then the savings may not be as great. BUT the good news is that for $3 LESS than the a big box store, you can buy a better window, thus making your window purchase an even better deal.

And then there are the times when our price is $3 HIGHER than the big box store.I know, I know…its hard to believe but there are times when the box stores are a few dollars cheaper – after all they buy thousands of windows making their volume discounts really add up. I often get asked if we will match prices. The answer is usually no, and its not because we are greedy money sucking monsters trying to hold onto every last dollar in profit, or because I will get fired if I cave and give you the discount. It’s because when you compare our windows to the big box store lowest priced windows you are not comparing apples to apples. It’s a little like buying a steak from the local butcher versus your grocery discount store. Not to mention by the time you drive the gas guzzling truck you drove to haul your windows to the closest box store and wait in their self serve checkout lines, you will be saving money in gas and time by biting the bullet and paying the extra $3. I know this sounds harsh but in most cases its true.

To show our customers exactly how our windows compare to the big box stores I have created the below chart. The chart outlines a few of the features that stand out in our windows. As a general rule of thumb I tell our customers who insist on comparing our windows to the big box stores to use the big box stores’ “premium” window as the comparable. We do not stock a window that is comparable to their cheapest window because our window manufacturers won’t build one. The word on the street is they tried in the past and had too many warranty issues for it to be profitable.

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