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Unless your company solely relies on small pop-ups or your uncanny ability to “MacGyver” your way out of the next predicament, you’ve certainly encountered the pros and cons of this profession.  On one end of the spectrum we have exhibit houses that know you, your booth, your expectations, and most importantly all avenues of the exhibit arena; and on the other end, there is “show labor,” that’s hit or miss and will always need directions.  We’ve all heard the horror stories.

Of course show labor can have their diamond in the rough that will go the extra mile.  Often being an EAC (Exhibit Appointed Contractor), I can assure you these breeds are rare in the local union, but abundant if you hire the right help. It’s when you think everything is perfectly planned, a bulb will burn out and you have no replacement, or a graphic will begin to release and you’re without adhesive.  This is when the qualified pay for themselves.

So consider your booth, its needs and make sure to get a team that matches.  It could turn a nightmare into a dream.

Cooper Ferguson

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