The Millwork Outlet welcomes the New Year with a new and exclusive door series

2011 was a rough year for the door industry. We saw one of our favorite door companies, International Door and Latch close their doors as well as many of our suppliers significantly reduce their product lines and inventory. Additionally, the bust in the construction and real estate market had a severe impact on the pipeline of our surplus products. Determined to not be defeated, the owners of the Millwork Outlet did what they do best: they got creative and adjusted to the changing market.

The project that best exemplifies the creative genius of the Millwork Outlet owners is the release of our new rustic series door. Each door in our rustic series was designed by our owner, Dan Drllevich and  are hand crafted by our door hangers and local woodworkers and artisans. The door series was created to offer our customers doors they cannot find anywhere else and provide something that is completely different from the box store norm. These doors are evidence of Dan’s passion for incorporating nature into his designs as well as his formal art training. Each design uses different wood types, broken lines and finishing techniques to create positive and negative spaces that transforms each door into a true work of art. These doors are more than a product line extension for Dan and if you spend any time talking with him about his doors you will see this first hand. Because these doors are designed around the natural designs of the wood, no two doors are the same.  To view these amazing doors in person please come visit our showroom in Maple Valley.

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