From Lincoln Logs to Lumber with a Construction Degree

Those considering a degree in the construction industry have many choices. From mapping out the design to welding a hammer, building a structure takes skilled minds working together towards the final goal. In the background is one person keeping it all organized, the construction manager.

These days everything is a science and that includes residential and commercial construction. An individual pursuing a construction degree will develop the basic skills set for building plus learn about the business end of project management. Study includes:

  • Construction science
  • Estimating
  • Bidding
  • Site Planning
  • Safety
  • Construction law
  • Business administration
  • Construction technology and software

Project management requires a well-rounded set of practical skills. With a degree, you get basic knowledge of drafting, blueprints, construction plans, computer software, building codes and administration. The construction manager works side-by-side with the architect, drafter, carpenter, plumber, electrician and crew.

Individuals with a degree in construction management have career options not available to the candidate without one. A graduate can look for an entry-level position in fields such as:

  • Construction sales
  • Project estimation
  • Engineering
  • Facility management
  • Project management
  • General Contracting
  • Surveying
  • Residential or commercial construction

Graduates with a construction degree develop both hands-on building skills and perfect that art of site administration. After completion of the program, you should be able to interpret plans and understand specifications, lines and abbreviations on drawings and blueprints. A graduate will have basic knowledge of carpentry and masonry, a full understanding of building codes, is able to prepare preliminary architectural drawings and sketches, as well as manage labor relations and deal with financiers.

There is little doubt that the construction industry is growing. A degree program will give you the training you need to grow with it. Whether you enjoy constructing a building from the ground up or rehabilitation of a historic structure, education is the key to success. Construction companies are going to consider an educated candidate before anyone else in this field. Having a degree will give you a head start. Salary and advancements depend on your skills and training, but education can put you at the high-end of the curve.

Today’s job market is competitive; you need every advantage to stand out in the crowd. No matter what field you go into, education opens doors. A degree in construction gives you opportunities. Get an education first and then move up in the world of construction.