Earth Day 2011

Today is the 41st Earth Day.  In 1970, there was no Environmental Protection Agency, no Clean Air, Clean Water Act, or any way to fight industrial pollution.  As the recent BP oil spill illustrated, we still need Earth Day as a yearly reminder that we need to treat the earth kindly or we will perish.

At Good Millwork, we practice Earth Day all year round.  The lumber we use comes from recycled bits of old buildings, from reclaimed deadhead sinker cypress, or from sustainably harvested wood.  No clear cuts for us!

Recycled wood comes from buildings that are being torn down.  Often this wood is old growth lumber harvested back when there were still large stands of virgin lumber.  In addition to saving landfill space, this practice allows the beautiful old growth timber to take on a new life.  Anyone who has seen a beautiful old pinewood floor will understand the importance of saving such lumber.

Reclaimed deadhead sinker cypress is brought up from the bottom of rivers and canals.  It was harvested 150 years ago from virgin forests.  The logs were floated to the sawmills.  A certain percentage, around 10%, sank.  At the time, lumber was abundant so the sinkers were left where they fell.  Now, of course, such timber is no longer available any other way.  So it is salvaged from the bottom and dried out, then sliced and made available for use.

Sustainably harvested wood is taken in a manner that does not disturb the ecosystem around the lumber.  Instead of clear cutting, individual trees are harvested.  Instead of bulldozing a path in and out, as little disruption of the area as possible occurs.  This wood is treated with respect, as is the environment it grew in.

Where does your lumber come from?  If you buy architectural moldings from Good Millwork, you will know it didn’t come from some clear cut forest that left a gaping sore in the earth.  Practice Earth Day with us.  Call today.

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