Our plants have arrived!

The Maple Valley store recently received our first shipment of plants for the summer season. We have partnered with a local nursery that is known for their unique and well cared for plants. Our plants are watered every day and are regularly fertilized. We have been guaranteed that our prices will compete very well with the big box stores. We have everything from roses to large maple trees. Below are a few of my favorite:
Coral Bark Maple 
    A good-sized tree with multi-season appeal, 'Sango-kaku' features green leaves that turn brilliant yellow in fall. After the leaves drop, the stems show off a bright coral-red color.
    Name: Acer palmatum 'Sango-kaku'
    Growing Conditions: Part shade and moist, well-drained soil
    Size: 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide

Weeping Cherry Tree
This beauty has a cascading habit and compact growth that continues to develop more splendidly with each passing season. Each spring it dons a floral cloak of pure white so beautiful it rivals any flowering ornamental. Prune back after flowering to maintain shape. Very hardy, disease and insect resistant. Needs to be staked the first few years.  Botanical Name: Prunus x yedoensis
Growing Condition: Partial Shade/Full Sun. Moist,well drained soil. Plant in wind sheltered spot.
Size: 12-15' tall and 6-8' widehttp://springhillnursery.com/snow-fountains-weeping-cherry/p/75860/ 

Kiwi Plant
The popular kiwi is a subtropical vine that grows up to 30 feet long and produces numerous fuzzy brown, berrylike fruit about the size of an egg.  Vines are winterhardy to between 00° F and 100° F.

Planting Instructions:
  • Kiwi is a dioecious plant.  Male and female flowers are produced on separate plants. Intersperse one male plant to eight female plants
  • Vines bear at four years of age and reach full production at eight years of age
  • Select a sunny, well drained site protected from the wind
  • Space plants 15 to 20 feet apart within the trellis system.
  • Fruit is only borne on current season's wood coming only from one year old wood. These laterals must be renewed every two to three years. Vigorous pruning is needed.
  • http://gardening.wsu.edu/library/smfr006/smfr006.htm 

New Zealand Flax 
Bring a note of the tropics to your garden with the bold, colorful, strappy leaves of New Zealand flax. They are excellent as container plants that can be overwintered with protection, but in warm areas, they're spectacular planted directly in the ground. 
Light:Sun,Part SunPlant Type: Annual,PerennialPlant Height:6-12 feet tall, depending on varietyPlant Width:6-10 feet wide, depending on varietyFlower Color: Red, yellow, or green flowers, depending on variety; variegated or red/purple leaves depending on variety.http://www.bhg.com/gardening/plant-dictionary/perennial/new-zealand-flax/