Custom Projects Pinterest Style

Recently the Millwork Outlet has jumped on the social media bandwagon and has joined Pinterest. For the most part our Pinterest boards showcase projects that were built out of our materials or could utilize materials we have in our store. Since reclaim has become cool we have seen an increase in the number of crafters who visit our store looking for unique items to incorporate into their DIY projects. I love it when customers come into my store searching for a rustic piece of wood to recreate that rustic shelf they saw on Pinterest. 

In addition to the DIYers, we often get people who prefer the easy way out and hire us to create their projects for them. One look on the Pinterest Epic Fail Blog should convince anyone that just because it looks easy on Pinterest doesn't mean it actually is! Often times you end up spending more money buying the supplies to make a project than you would if you paid someone else to do it. 

Below I have created a photo gallery of some recent Millwork Outlet projects that are truly Pinterest worthy. All the photos are of projects our shop has completed within the last three months. Each project was the vision of our customers but was brought to realty in our door/woodworking shop and uses Millwork Outlet materials. Dan Drllevich, one of the owners at the Maple Valley store, is incredibly talented at finding unique materials to incorporate into furniture and architectural pieces. So, before you go out scouring the local junk yards for materials, set up shop in your too small garage and spend a fortune on tools for the job, make sure you visit the Millwork Outlet to see how we can help bring your reclaim projects to life. 

Overhead Lattice Wine Rack 
Custom built at the Millwor Outlet with 2" x 4" worm wood and iron. Materials supplied by Millwork Outlet.
Custom Oversized Dutch and Carriage Door 
Custom doors crafted by Millwork Outlet. Reclaim wood supplied by Millwork Outlet. Customer supplied antique windows. Door on the right is a dutch swinging door. Door on the left is a 48" wide single door. 
Worm wood sliding barn door and coffee table top
Left: Tongue and grooved worm wood and black walnut sliding barn door built by Millwork Outlet.
Right: Worm wood and cherry tongue and grooved coffee table top. Glass cover will be added when installed. 
Reclaim Dining Table Top and Legs 
Table top built at Millwork Outlet from milled reclaim beams. Heavy table legs built from reclaim 12" x 12" beams. All materials suplied by Millwork Outlet. 
Antique Table 
Planed, sanded and refinished antique construction table. Table bought from Dan Drllevich and refinsihed by Millwork Outlet.