Everything Mahogany

Mahogany is a beautiful wood.  It is also rot resistant.  This makes it perfect for use in humid climates where rot is a problem.  Want to know more?  Check out these articles:

The Many Uses of Mahogany — just what is mahogany good for, anyway?

African Mahogany versus Peruvian Mahogany — where your mahogany comes from is important for the environment

Mahogany Millwork Done Here — a beautiful example of the use of mahogany in a room

First Impressions Count — do not forget the impact your front door has on your guests

Mahogany Flooring Adds Warmth to Any Room — just as people forget the impact their front door has, they forget the impact the floor has on a room.

Now that you have seen mahogany in action from floor to ceiling, why not add it to your home?  Give us a call today.

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