Selling Your House? How to pick a new front door and other tips

It seems that everyone has a suggestion when it comes to how to prep your house for a sale. At the Millwork Outlet we are strong believers in the power of a new front door. Your front door sets the tone for the rest of the home. It is usually the most decorative part of your entry. We often have home flippers and re-sellers shopping for affordable new front doors for homes they are planning on selling. Here are a few of my suggestions for those of you who are looking to update your front door and give your house the competitive edge over the Jones'.

  1. Think Outside the Box - Everyone has different tastes and it is difficult to try to guess what the next person will like. Doors, like clothes, are subject to trends. Often times I see people pick out a newer, but exact, version of the door they had before. This is often because people are afraid to take a risk and they are used to their familiar, old door. But remember, the new owner won't know what you had before and you don't have to live with it so go ahead and consider something different than what you are used to. 
  2. Drive Through Neighborhoods- It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to picking out a new door that's true. What's even more helpful is actually seeing the real thing. I usually suggest that shoppers take some time to drive through newer neighborhoods and look at what the newer trends are. Then, drive through some of the older neighborhoods and look at the difference. Make sure to also drive through neighborhoods that have homes built around the same time as yours. You can usually tell which doors are original and which have been replaced. See if there are any replaced doors that stand out and take note of the glass type and the configuration.
  3. Ask for Professional Advice - As a door saleswoman I have sold a wide variety of doors. I work with homeowners and contractors so I get to observe all the trends as they develop. For example, the craftsman style doors have been very popular for the last few years in all types of homes. Some of my higher end contractors and designers have started embracing the progressive craftsman trend and it is gaining popularity fast. Whether you are looking for a door that is authentic to the style of your home or you are looking to modernize your curb appeal it is likely I will have a suggestion. If you are open to the advice of a professional it always helps if you can bring in a picture of the front of your house. A good door shop will be happy to offer suggestions and tips.
  4. Pay Attention to Details - When it comes to entry doors it is often times the small details that make a door more popular than the others. For example, if you compare two doors that are exactly the same except one has patina caming (black colored metal in decorative glass) and the other has brass  caming (gold colored), I assure you the door with the black caming will win the popularity contest hands down. Today's trends tell us gold is outdated and silver and black is in. Additionally, when it comes to decorative glass, there are styles that far out sell other styles. If you are curious about what is more popular just ask! 

As far as the rest of your house is concerned, here are a few suggestions to help you prepare for a successful sale. 

  1. Make sure your house is inviting to all the senses- including the sniffer! While showing your home you may need to lay off cooking fish and other foods that leave a strong odor. Getting a whiff of yesterday's fish taco dinner doesn't exactly say welcome home!
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words - make sure your pictures do your house justice! Use a wide angle lens, high quality flash and tripod to make the house look bigger and brighter, or hire a professional to do the job.
  3. Stage it! - Pack up your clutter and family portraits before putting your house on the market. Family portraits are likely to distract a potential buyer and will make it more difficult for them to imagine their family in the house. Extra clutter will make the house feel overcrowded.,,20209521,00.html