Millwork Outlet Tailors Your Doors To Fit

I am like many women, I love to shop, but dread the dressing room. I am short and small so my pants tend to drag on the ground and my shirts are either too tight or too loose, hardly ever just right. As a result of my sizing predicament, I have made good friends with my local tailor. When I find my dream pair of pants that are about two feet too long and sag down around my  caboose I no longer have to give them back to the dressing room attendant. I now buy them, drop them off at my tailor and wait for them to come back sized for the perfect fit. Not only do my clothes feel better when they are custom sized, but they look a whole lot better too! 

The door shop at the Millwork Outlet is much like my local tailor. Many times construction projects require custom sized doors and in order to make the project work you either have to buy a standard door and try to modify it yourself or hire a professional. Cutting and tweaking a standard door to fit a custom opening can be compared to trying to do the tailoring on your own pants, but with the added complication of dangerous power tools and heavy lifting. As is the case with most do it yourself projects, your skill level and available tools will be instrumental in your success rate. The other alternative is to find a professional who can modify your door to fit. This is where the Millwork Outlet comes in. Our door shop allows us to modify standard doors to fit custom size openings. Additionally, we can sometimes change the look of a door in order achieve the exact effect you are looking for. And if you just can't find your dream door in the catalogs the Millwork Outlet can also play the role of a door seamstress and make you a completely custom door.