TREND ALERT: Barn Doors 

If you have been following our blog and website over the past few months you have probably noticed we have been expanding our rustic wood selection. Throughout the years the Millwork Outlet has always tried to offer our customers surplus and reclaim products that can't be found at other building material stores. Our reclaim wood is a product that sets us apart from the big box stores and even most salvage yards. It is always fun to hear about the projects our customers are creating using our rustic wood. 

One trend I have observed (and LOVE) is the use of sliding barn style doors to section off living areas. Recently, I have had customers purchase our figured maple, worm wood yellow cedar, knotty pine shelving and black walnut to use as in their barn door creations. Barn doors can be used in a variety of applications. They work great in small areas where there isn't much living space but plenty of wall space, and they have the extra added bonus of looking real pretty hanging on the wall. 

Inspired by this Pinterest Board and talking with our customers I decided to add a sliding door to my house. In my very small house my dining room was at one point a carport. Rather than remove the 12" cinder block wall they left the original doorway which sections off the dining room from the rest of the house. Because the dining room is so separate from the rest of the house we seldom use it. My sliding door serves primarily as a piece of art but it also helps as a heat buffer during the winter when we want to heat the living room and kitchen but don't need to heat the dining room. It is made of our worm wood yellow cedar 2x4 boards and was tongue and grooved at the Millwork Outlet with black walnut. It is 48" wide and it 84" tall. Because it is the focal point of the room I wanted the handle to be unique so I used an antique hand drill I found at the Goodwill. It is beautifully rustic and unlike anything I have seen. I absolutely love it. 

Today when I came in to work I found a folder and flash drive full of pictures of a barn door one of our customers crafted from wood she purchased at the Millwork Outlet. I get very excited when our customers send us pictures of their projects to share on the website so I had to post them right away. Below are pictures of the progress of her project. Tonight I will take pictures of mine and post them here as well.