Salvaged Seattle Chinatown Pavers

Just in time for summer projects we are blowing out our reclaim Chinatown pavers. These make great walkways, firepit surrounds, fireplaces, driveways, ect. All the pavers were salvaged from downtown Seattle’s Chinatown streets. These are not bricks, they are pavers so they were built to withstand the weight of heavy traffic. We have sold about half of the 50,000 pavers we originally salvaged so we have about 25,000 left. They are $1 per paver which is half of the price of the first 25,000 sold. They have been used in numerous high end homes and driveways and are a great conversation piece. Recently Mastercraft Masonry used them to build one of our customers a rustic brick fireplace and pizza oven – check out the picture below. 

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