Rewards for saving the Planet

Keeping track of all the federal and state incentives for being green can be overwhelming. But, for those of you who received the 2010 tax rebate for installing new energy efficient windows in your home, you probably know first hand how handy those rebates can be. In 2009 and 2010 the Federal governent offered a Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit for up to $1,500 on purchases made towards increasing the energy efficiency of residential homes. In 2011 the tax rebate was reduced to $500 and is only available to those individuals who have not yet claimed $500 in years past. Although the amount isn’t as high, for those individuals who missed out on the $1,500 it is still a $500 rebate, which means more money in your pocket come tax season.

In addition to the Federal Tax Incentives many utility companies and state governments offer tax incentives for replacing inefficient windows and doors. I recently ran across a great website that lists all the available incentive programs by state. Included in the database are incentives for both commercial and residential buildings. To see if there are any incentive programs you qualify for please visit:

If you find that you qualify for an incentive program make sure you understand the requirements and order your products accordingly. When ordering windows make sure you know what U-Value is required to qualify for the credit. In most cases, off the shelf windows will not meet the requirements for qualifying for incentive programs so make sure you clarify with your sales professional whether t windows or doors will meet tax credit requirements.

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