Repurpose Doors into Headboards

One of the latest decorating trends we have fallen in love with at the Millwork Outlet is repurposing doors into headboards. We have had more than a couple of customers search our warehouses for a door they can turn into a do-it-yourself headboard. Creating a door headboard is not only fun, it can also help you save some money. Door stores often buy their doors by the pallet load. Certain size doors are more popular than others so as the best sizes start to sell out, the stores get stuck with sizes they can’t sell. You can often get the left over doors at VERY reduced prices. Below are my  favorite examples of these door headboard materpieces. I choose these examples not only for their orginality, but also because these just happen to be made out of doors we currently have for sale in our surplus warehouses!

 Repurpose Doors into Headboards

Four Panel Door Headboard 
This is one of my favorite examples because the designer obviously appreciated the history of the door. The designer turned the door into a woork of art and challenged the idea of what a traditional headboard should look like. Made from two four panel doors, this headboard is truly a statement piece. In this application the doors were left their original size. The tall ceiling height in this house allows these doors to remain the standard 80″. However, a similar look could be accomplished by cutting off the bottom panel and not extending all the way to the floor. The best part about this design? Millwork Outlet’s hemlock four panel doors are on sale for only $99 each. For $200 and a bucket of paint you could create a VERY cool custom headboard!

4919812 Repurpose Doors into Headboards

Five Panel Door Headboard
The five panel door is probably the most popular door for designing headboards. The five equal panels allow the door to be turned on it’s side which means you can use them in rooms with shorter ceilings and you only need one door for each bed. We especially like this one because the designer used antique door knobs to highlight the vintage look.

 Repurpose Doors into Headboards

Louvered Door Headboard
This is a very unique design. I have never seen louvered doors used in this application, but I love it! Louvered doors generally come as half louvered or full louvered. These doors have a very cool lower panel, but I think a full louvered door would look great too! The Millwork Outlet just got a BIG shipment of louvered doors in and in true Millwork Outlet style, we put them on sale. We have all different sizes available. Click here to view our pictures!

4545918 Repurpose Doors into Headboards

Shaker Door with Stair Spindles
This designer took the door headboard to a new level by adding stair spindles on the top. New, stair spindles can get pretty spendy, but people often replace broken stair spindles or whole stair systems so you may be able to find used ones on Craigslist or through your local building materials outlet store. At the Millwork Outlet we are currently closing out our three panel shaker doors, which is another style door that looks great horizontally, and our red oak spindles. If you get the stair spindles with the turn at the top and bottom you could get two sections out of each spindle.

 Repurpose Doors into Headboards

Arch Top Two Panel Door Headboard
Now, I am fully aware that this bed was probably NOT made out of actual doors, but since we have such a GREAT deal on our two panel arch top doors I wanted to include  this picture. I searched the internet high and low for an example of a headboard using an arch top door and could only come up with this. So, if you decide to try the two panel arch top headboard and you post it online, you would be the first!  It seems to me that you could replicate this bed using two panel arch top doors and probably save a whole lot of money. Right now our two panel arch top doors are only $45 each!

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