Photographing the Difference

Pictures are a great way to communicate… especially when you are trying to sell your work and it provides a ‘proof’ of your experience that few clients can argue with. It also helps a client to better understand the quality of what you’re capable of and lastly, it convinces them just how much better their home or office or property will be (or work, look, etc.). if they choose to go forward with the project being considered.
This same sales tool can be taken to a whole other level of success… and for the exact same reasons we’ve just listed above. You do it by making sure you also remembered to take photos before you created the work.
Good, old & reliable… before & after shots. Nothing says it like they do. You even become more reputable because you believe in what you do and have been willing to document it.
I go so far as to tell my clients they can call any customer whose work they are looking at (as the # of clients I have any problem with, at all, is less than 1 in 20.
Clients will find it helpful to see both pictures taken from the same angle and with the same size framing. I also elect to take pics during construction or installation as well. This helps people see how a project ‘comes together’.
I have enough pics to break them up by project category. The following are samples of kitchens photographed before and after…

5 768x1024 Photographing the Difference6 1024x768 Photographing the Difference21 1024x768 Photographing the Difference22F 1024x768 Photographing the Difference13 1024x768 Photographing the Difference

15 1024x768 Photographing the Difference

half way through installation

16 1024x768 Photographing the Difference

This pantry is so small, I covered it from two different angles


32 1024x768 Photographing the Difference35 768x1024 Photographing the Difference…during installation…

33 768x1024 Photographing the Difference36 768x1024 Photographing the Difference…. and after.

34 F 768x1024 Photographing the Difference37F 768x1024 Photographing the DifferenceI’ll be adding more of these pre/post photos as I have quite a few, but they’re scattered everywhere and every once and a while I need to spend time making a living / icon smile Photographing the Difference

Russell Hudson / 11/16/12

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