Easy ways to make your exterior doors more secure

Home security is a major concern for many of our customers looking for new doors and windows. Statistics of home burglaries suggest that the most common point of entry is doors. Obviously, making sure your door locks are in working order and are utilized is one of the most important steps in keeping your home safe from intruders. In addition to locking your doors, we often suggest our customers consider adding the following upgrades to help keep your family and belongings safe. 

4974751 Easy ways to make your exterior doors more secure

1. Switch your door to an outswing door 
Outswing doors should all be prehung with security hinges to prevent unwelcome guests from removing the hinge pin from the outside. When hung with an non-removable pin hinge outswing doors create a more secure door. Outswing door thresholds (pictured left) have a hard stop on the inside that the door shuts against. Since the easiest way to breach a door is by kicking it in, the solid stop on the threshold makes the door significantly more difficult to kick in thus forcing them to either pry the door open (which is also easier if the door swings in) or yank them open, which would be difficult if relying on pure manpower.

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2. Install a Security Plate 
I security plate like the one shown reinforces the jamb so the jamb doesn’t easily splinter and break. The security latch is installed between the jamb and the 2×4 or 2×6 frame. Make sure to use extra long screws when installing the latch plate and security plate so that they tie the jamb and 2×4 or 2×6 together creating a more solid framework. The $10 investment could be well worth the money spent should a thief attempt to break in. 

 Easy ways to make your exterior doors more secure

3. Choose a door with strategically placed glass
Glass doors can be aesthetically pleasing letting natural light into your home, however, they may not be the safest doors available. For home owners who are concerned with door security I usually recommend a door without glass or a door with glass that is placed high enough so that if it is broken, the deadbolt and lock are not reachable. Craftsman style doors are my favorite choice because they are stylish yet practical in terms of home security. 

370846979 Easy ways to make your exterior doors more secure

4. Install Deadbolts 
This one is easy! Never buy an exterior door without a deadbolt. Deadbolts are longer and stronger so they are far better than the standard locks. Many homeowners insurance policies now require that all exterior doors are equipped with deadbolts so make sure you have one. At the Millwork Outlet we are in the business of making sure our customer’s homes are safe and beautiful so our door shop NEVER charges for a double bore!

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