Custom-Made Crown Molding

crown 2D00 molding 5F00 lead Custom Made Crown Molding


By John English

Here’s how to make the crown
molding for the pantry. It’s all
done on the tablesaw. The biggest
challenge is figuring out
which cut to make when.

1. Make a cove (Cut 1, see lead photo) by running
24-in. or longer boards at 30 degrees to the
blade. Guide the board in a jig and apply holddown
pressure with a pair of skateboard wheels.
Start with a very shallow cut, then raise the
blade in 1/16-in. increments until you’ve formed
the full cove.

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crown 2D00 molding 5F00 1 Custom Made Crown Molding

2. Tilt the blade 30 degrees for Cut 2. A handscrew
prevents the molding from tipping.
Use a zero-clearance insert plate if your plate
doesn’t provide adequate support.

crown 2D00 molding 5F00 2 Custom Made Crown Molding

3. Keeping the blade at 30 degrees, make Cut
3. The space between the blade and fence
is very small. Cut a kerf through a piece of plywood
to support the molding stock.

crown 2D00 molding 5F00 3 Custom Made Crown Molding

4. For Cut 4, leave the blade at 30 degrees.
There should be enough room on your
insert plate to support the molding this time.

crown 2D00 molding 5F00 4 Custom Made Crown Molding

5. With the blade still tilted at 30 degrees,
make Cut 5.

crown 2D00 molding 5F00 5 Custom Made Crown Molding

6. Sand the molding with a large block. A can
of beets (how fitting for a pantry!) is exactly
the right size: just a little bit smaller in diameter
than the cove.

crown 2D00 molding 5F00 6 Custom Made Crown Molding

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker November 2007, issue #132.

132cov 5F00 F Custom Made Crown Molding

November 2007, issue #132

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 Custom Made Crown Molding

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