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If you have been to any of the local farm and ranch stores lately you have probably noticed it’s chick time again! Backyard chicken coops are becoming increasingly popular and this time of year we always have quite a few customers flocking in (excuse the pun) looking for chicken coop items. This year we have practically everything you need to make a chicken coop on the cheap cheap (hahaha)! We still have a few shipping containers left from last year that make great chicken coops and are already built, you just have to have a little creativity and decorative touches. We also have cedar vents for decorative ventilation. We have a pallet of pine 2″ x 2″ spindles that work great for building roosts. And we have a variety of small windows and glass units that can be stopped in to add some daylight (it is recommended you install chicken coop windows on the south facing side so your chickens get sunlight all day long). Below are some pictures of the items we have in stock as well as some finished product ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Happy Building! 

Tip #1 – Use Millwork Outlet shipping containers ($55) as your structure base. 

157319 orig Chicken Coop Items 
4′ x 4′ x 8′ Shipping Containers are only $55

1363037611 Chicken Coop Items 
Turn the containers on their sides, cut doors in the sides and lift with 4×4 posts.

 Chicken Coop Items 
Turn the containers on their side and use the door to gather eggs every morning.

Tip #2: Create a Rustic Chic look with Millwork Outlet rusty metal roofing ($2/foot)

7744641 orig Chicken Coop Items 
Rust patina adds character.

1123677 orig Chicken Coop Items 
Get a rust patina without waiting year and years!

Tip #3: Use Millwork Outlet cedar vents to create ventilation and security ($15-$65)

1363042827 Chicken Coop Items 
Vents are necessary in promoting proper ventilation and can double as a door.

621036 orig Chicken Coop Items 
Normally cedar vents would be too expensive for a chicken coop, but he have LOTS of overstock so add a touch of class to your coop!

Tip #4: Use old window sashes as doors and windows ($15)

7114101 orig Chicken Coop Items 
Use old wood or vinyl window sashes as doors or venting windows by adding a surface mounted hinges and latch.

1363042999 Chicken Coop Items 
Using sashes increases the cute factor, helps with ventilation and provides a light source.

Tip #5: Use Millwork Outlet closeout pine spindles to build roosts ($1 each) 

3818978 orig Chicken Coop Items 
2″ x 2″ Spindles used to build roosts.

6389172 orig Chicken Coop Items 
Only $1 each while they last!

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