Cedar Vent Crafts

Here in the Pacific Northwest cedar is wildly popular. There is no other wood with the same great auroma, durability and beauty of cedar. When we got the opportunity to buy a whole lot of cedar vents we jumped at the chance. Obviously cedar vents are great for exactly what they are built for, venting buildings. However, with this many cedar vents at such great prices I couldn’t help but wonder what other handy uses they have. I had a couple of ideas of my own and rather than building each piece to show I took to the internet to see if someone already had the same idea. When googling cedar vent craft, art, ect. I didn’t come up with much. Then I used louvered door as my search phrase and came up with a few more pictures. What’s great about cedar vents over louvered doors is that they can be used outside, they come in smaller sizes and have a wider variety of shapes which means you can use them without having to cut apart and reconfigure full doors. Below are some of my favorite ideas. If you are a DIY’er I would love to hear your suggestions and any pictures you might have. You can view a few of the shapes and sizes of the cedar vents we have in stock by clicking HERE!
While this use of cedar vents isn’t wildly imaginative, I think the extra embellishments are a great addition. Who says attic vents have to be boring? How cute would this look on playhouse or tree house?
Building a coupola is a great use for these cedar vents. Coupolas look great on barns, sheds and even country houses. 
Really, is this not the cutest shelving unit ever? Make it even easier by nixing the top shelf and the unit becomes a very cute and EASY coat rack!  
Our cedar vents have small metal meshing behind the vents that can be removed, but keeping it attached and adding a rustic white paint job would make them look very farmhouse chic. Add some pictures for a unique photo keeper.
This headboard is made to look like a louvered door. But there are a few great headboard sized cedar vents that if clear coated would look awesome! Use two rectangular ones and add an arched one on top for an extra cool touch. 
These crafty homeowners used these small vents for a shower curtain valance. Because cedar is commonly used for exterior uses, cedar would work great in a bathroom!
Have some stamps dumped into a drawer? Organize and display them with cedar vents!
A Millwork Outlet exclusive idea: the new and improved business card holder. Use a cedar vent to organize and display business cards, place setting cards or photos.  

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