TimberSil can stand the heat in the kitchen

It is another one of those years.  Wildfires rage, torching homes and whole towns.  These wildfires move very fast and are so powerful they create their own weather.  Many times, there will be one or two homes that seem to have withstood the fire without major damage.  Sometimes that is luck, but sometimes it is preparation.

How do you prepare?  One way is to put TimberSil siding on your home.  TimberSil is yellow pine that is bonded with sodium silicon in a process that forms glass inside the wood.  The wood still looks nice, takes stain, and acts like a wood.  However, it can withstand fires for up to 20 minutes without burning.  That may not sound like long, but it is usually long enough for a wildfire to pass through and move on.

In addition, the glass makes TimberSil rot resistant and insect resistant.  In fact, there is a 40 year warranty against either rot or insect damage.It is also considered a green product and adds LEEDs points to the building.

There is not much you can do to control Mother Nature.  You can, however, reduce your vulnerability to some of her worst tantrums.  TimberSil siding is a good start.  Gibe us a call today to order yours.

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