Deadhead Sinker Cypress Roundup

Deadhead sinker cypress is wood that sank to the bottom of rivers and canals 150 years ago.  It has been raised, dried out, and sliced into boards, molding, and anything else wooden you can think of.  To feature this great wood, Good Millwork presents a roundup of five articles on it:

The history of deadhead sinker cypress

What makes cypress rot resistant?

Why sinker cypress is better than the cypress cut now

Deadhead sinker cypress is green

Deadhead pecky cypress

These articles paint a picture of a wood that is good for just about anything.    Give us a call to discuss your anything today.

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Deadhead Sinker Cypress: A Reclaimed Resource

5020988483 06ac12438f Deadhead Sinker Cypress: A Reclaimed Resource

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  That has become the mantra of ecologically conscious people everywhere.  At Good Millwork, we think a fourth R should be added:  Reclaim.  There are resources waiting to be used that can be reclaimed from the water that covers them.

Deadhead sinker cypress lies at the bottom of rivers and canals.  It has already been cut, so there is no guilt about cutting forests involved in using it.  There is difficulty and danger in raising the wood, but things that are worth while are rarely easy to obtain.

Once raised and dried out, the wood is cut into boards.  Because it is rot resistant, deadhead sinker cypress can be used for siding or in decks and other outdoor applications.  It is ideal for humid locations such as much of the Gulf Coast.

Deadhead sinker cypress is good for other things, though.  It can be made into banisters, newels, and rails for a staircase.  Cabinets out of cypress look very nice, as well.  Wooden floors look and feel very nice.  Cypress can put up with heavy traffic and keep looking nice for whole lifetimes.

The only drawback to deadhead sinker cypress is that it is not all that commonly available.  You cannot go to your local hardware store and purchase it.  However, at Good Millwork, we have a good stock of deadhead sinker cypress and can mill it to your specifications.  All you need to do is call us, and we can get the process started.  Call today.

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