Alside’s Warranty and How to Make Sure You are Covered…

We have partnered with Aside windows for many reasons and one of those is their commitment to stand behind their window. I often get questions about the warranty on our windows. To see a copy of Alside’s warranty you can click here. For those of you who don’t care to read through the legal mumbo jumbo I will highlight a few key points. 

1)  Generally speaking the window frame, glass and moving parts are all covered for as long as the Original Purchaser/Present Property Owner shall own and live in the property. 

2) If the Original Purchaser/Present Property Owner sells the home the warranty is transferable one time and the windows will be covered for 30 years from the original purchase date EXCEPT if the window’s unit is failed (fog between the window panes). Failed units are only covered at a percentage after a transfer which is highlighted below. 

  • 0-10 years = zero change
  • 11-15 years = owner responsible for 50% of costs to replace 
  • 16-20 years = owner responsible for 70% of costs to replace 
  • 20-25 years = owner responsible for 80% of costs to replace 
  • 25+ years = owner responsible for 90% of costs to replace

But of course a warranty is only as good as it’s fine print. How many times have you tried to use your warranty only to be rejected because you didn’t keep that UPC label or go online and register your purchase? It happens all the time, but luckily Alside makes it relatively easy to submit a claim and have it accepted. Here are a few helpful hints. 

1) Make sure your window is installed correctly! If your window is installed with Duct Tape and you used a stack of pennies to make sure it’s level, you are going to have issues. Feel free to submit the claim, but don’t be surprised if the technician doesn’t cover it and laughs when he leaves. 

2) Keep your receipts! Your receipts show the date you purchased the windows as well as where you purchased them from. They will want copies of your receipts when you submit your claim. If you can’t find your receipts take the time to look up the date they were purchased via your bank records and call the company you purchased the windows from. They may have your purchase on file. As a rule, the Millwork Outlet keeps our customer’s receipts on location for one year. 

3) Take a Picture of the Defect! They generally ask for a picture which helps them determine if the issue is covered under the warranty.  

4) Keep Your Stickers! Every window that leaves Alside’s factories are tracked with a serial number and each order that is placed with Alside is tracked with a FO number. Both these numbers help the warranty technicians look up your window specifications. These numbers are not only helpful for warranty issues but they are also helpful if your son throws his baseball through the window (which is not covered under warranty). What many people don’t know is that Alside offers a discount on their replacement glass units. Which means that if you break your glass and it’s not under warranty but you have a serial number to PROVE that it is an Alside window, they will give you a discount on the replacement glass and you don’t have to go through the hassle of measuring the unit and taking the chance you measured it wrong. Below I have highlighted the stickers I suggest you keep. 

The Warranty Sticker

7046912 orig Alsides Warranty and How to Make Sure You are Covered...
This sticker is found in the top track of the window. It is placed there so that it is difficult to see so people will leave it on the window and not lose it. It has the PO# of the company that sold it, the size of the window as well as the serial number. The gold sticker doesn’t do us a whole lot of good even though it looks far more official. Follow the directions on the this one and DO NOT REMOVE!

The Energy Star Sticker

5228332 orig Alsides Warranty and How to Make Sure You are Covered...
This sticker is NOT helpful in terms of warranty and tracking your window. This is a generic sticker and only has information about the series of window. However, if you are having your window project inspected and there is a certain u-value requirement on the job you need this sticker to prove it meets the requirement. This is also an important sticker to save if you are trying to get a tax or energy rebate.

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