We’re ready to build your new mantel!

Most people know the Millwork Outlet is a great place to find doors and windows. However, some people are surprised when they find out we have a large inventory of salvaged lumber and wood. Just yesterday we received a HUGE load of salvaged lumber from a Port of Tacoma demolition. If you are looking for a unique conversation piece for your home, make sure you come by and check out our new salvaged materials. In addition to providing you with materials for DIY projects, our custom shop can provide the labor to turn your ideas into reality. Throughout the years we have completed hundreds of custom projects for homeowners, builders, restaurants and retail stores. We have built all types of projects including mantels, tables, flooring, ceiling panels, doors, benches, shelving, wine racks, bar tops, stage props, ect. Below are some pictures of the new materials we received. Come visit us today to discuss your next project!

The Work Bench

Stick with this fact: your bench is the center of the universe. When a client calls and asks, why won’t the door shut after we moved the piece? Or why do we need the shim under that cabinet leg? Or how come the drawer sticks? Your reply is always the same: My bench is the [...]