Twenty Years and Counting

I can hardly believe the Millwork Outlet has been in business for twenty years. As the daughter of Dan Drllevich, one of the owners and manager at the Maple Valley store there was never a time when I wasn't a part of the  hustle and bustle at the Millwork Outlet. I was six when the Millwork Outlet first opened their doors, but my family has been making a living at the Maple Valley location my entire life. My family photo albums are filled with pictures of me toddling around the Millwork Outlet grounds hanging out with my dad in his acid wash pants and tank tops when the store was an auto body shop. I have fond memories of my sister and I spending the day at work with my dad. We spent hours earning money by sorting nuts and bolts in the office. Looking back I am pretty sure my dad never used  those nuts and bolts, it was more an effort to keep us busy for long hours. As we got older we were allowed to answer the phone. My  six year old sister, being the overachiever she is, created her own office space with a custom made desk fashioned out of the drawers of the big person desk and a door panel. She created business cards and an alternate identity. When she was in the office at Millwork Outlet she went by Maxine, no one was allowed to call her Belinda. In high school the Millwork Outlet employed me and a few of my high school friends. Keeping track of our availability between school, sports and social events was undoubtedly more trouble than we were worth, but dad liked having us around, and the young and able bodies came in handy when it came time to load our customer's doors and windows. After college I left the Millwork Outlet and got a "real" job. I loved my new job, but missed the Millwork Outlet incredibly. After a couple of years away I have returned to the Millwork Outlet where I have the opportunity to work alongside my dad, grandpa, stepmother, husband, stepbrother, cousin, aunt and uncle. Working with my family is not always easy, but I love it. I am extremely thankful to all the customers who have supported us throughout the years, they are the reason the Millwork Outlet is celebrating our 20th anniversary and I get to work with my family. This week I felt it appropriate to thank our customers for their support which prompted me to write a letter to the Editor of Maple Valley's local paper the Voice of the Valley. I have included it below so that all our customers can read it and know how much our family appreciates your business!
Dear Editor,
I would like to take a moment to thank the citizens of Maple Valley who remember to shop locally and support the small businesses in Maple Valley. I am the daughter and neice of the owners of the Millwork Outlet. This year is Millwork Outlet's 20th year in business and it is because of our local and loyal customers that we have weathered the troubled economy and have been able to give back to our community. Having grown up in Maple Valley area my whole life I have seen how important the Millwork Outlet and other small businesses are to the success of our community. Growing up the Millwork Outlet has sponsored all of my and my cousin's parks and recreation athletic teams. They have also donated countless items to community fundraisers. Additionally, the Millwork Outlet has employeed numerous local high school students who are in need of summer jobs to help pay for college.  Now as an adult, I have the opportunity to work for the Millwork Outlet alongside my grandfather, father, husband, aunt, uncle, brother, mother and cousin. It is great to work within the community I live and get to know my neighbors. Many of our customers are local contractors, handymen and installers and I know they appreciate the support of their community as well. It has been a pleasure serving our customers and community. In celebration of all the amazing customers we have had the honor of serving over the last 20 years we will be having a Customer Appreciation Day on August 20, 2011 with lots of great deals on home remodeling products. We will also have a garage sale benefiting Seattle's Habitat for Humanity. We invite everyone to come out, enjoy some free BBQ lunch and meet the Millwork Outlet family! Thank you Maple Valley for being a part of our family business!  


Venise Cunningham