Weight Tickets

Whether you know what a Certified Weight Ticket is or not, it’s quickly becoming something you need to come to rely on in the trade show world. If you’re asking yourself, what is a Certified Weight Ticket (CWT), well it’s basically confirmation from a verified source, like a weigh station, that your freight going into a show is accurately weighed. Regardless of what you estimate on your show’s Material Handling form the CWT will supercede your show paperwork.

I’ve noticed the past year or so most show decorators have routinely included their requests for the driver having a CWT on hand when delivering freight. Take note…the CWT is being required regardless of whether you are delivering to the advance warehouse or to the show site.

Now here’s the catch…if your carrier doesn’t arrive with this CWT in hand upon delivery then the show decorator is going to charge you extra in drayage. Let’s say your freight was due in on standard time but the driver arrives without it. You, as the exhibiting company, will now be charged Overtime. If you have a lot of show freight or even just a little this cost increase can really impact your trade show budget.

So, bottom line, when requesting that rate quote from your carrier be sure to ask for a CWT, otherwise it could cost you!!

Augusta Smith


Building Strong Business Relationships

I hung up the phone with a vendor and thought to myself how nice that I’ve gotten to know this person so much better over the last several years. What started out as casual business exchanges has turned into additional conversations about family, children, grandchildren, weekend plans, illnesses, even kitchen renovations and custody battles. Sometimes I think, wow, I just spent 20 to 30 minutes talking to this vendor in the middle of a swamped day. But, I think nurturing these work relationships, whether this is with vendors, clients or your employees is crucial to the health of your business. By caring about people’s well-being, you set yourself up for rich rewards.  Not only does it make the day and each interaction with them more interesting, but you also develop friendships and a deeper respect for each other as individuals and as business associates. In situations where someone might need a favor, both sides are more willing to go to bat for each other.  You establish a mutual trust.

So, next time you find yourself in a conversation with a business associate, listen carefully. Take the time to connect and engage with the person you are talking to. You never know what bonds you may form and what opportunities might arise.

Suzanne Ferguson


How long will my trade show display last?

How long will my trade show display last?

I am asked this question every time Ferguson Design sells a booth. It is a good question and addresses the quality and longevity of our products. My answer varies depending on; whether it is custom or portable, how it is constructed, who sets it up/breaks it down, and how it is shipped.

There is another important aspect to this question. For the client who is trying to maximize the impact and effectiveness of their trade show program the question should be, “how long will my booth feel fresh and continue to attract new and existing customers?” My answer to this question also varies depending on; particular market, potential selling audience, and frequency of exhibiting.

A few of my clients have booths that are over 10 years old. This may be a testament to the quality of the fabrication or maybe the maintenance of these booths but they look and feel outdated. In most cases they are heavy, take several crates to ship, and require excessive labor to set-up. These clients would be better off getting a new display that could potentially pay for itself in the savings associated with storage, shipping, drayage and labor. And, this would spark interest from potential new clients at the show.

So, what is the answer? How often should you buy a new booth? For the average exhibitor who exhibits at 3-4 shows a year, I recommend a new booth every 4 years. By then the WOW factor is gone and the newness has worn off. I also recommend updating your booth for every show. Give them something new to look at such as graphics, messaging, promotions, product highlights and even giveaways.

Mike Ferguson