The Benefits of Having Your Exhibit House Handle Your Trade Show Shipments


It’s probably safe to say that in this economy everyone is trying, in every aspect of their business, to save money.  This in turn can lead to some creative thinking in the sense of where to cut back and when it’s worth that extra dollar to spend.  One area to consider is shipping.   Sure saving a few bucks is possible if you want to handle shipping your trade show booth yourself.  However, if spending the same or perhaps a little more can buy you the expertise of your exhibit house, why wouldn’t you?  With an exhibit house you have the piece of mind that knowing someone is tracking your freight until it’s unloaded at your trade show destination. Do you really want to spend your weekend or a busy meeting packed workday figuring out where your booth is, if not in the right location?  I’m guessing no, not really…it’s not worth the hassle, that’s where an extra dollar(possibly) spent is well worth it by using your exhibit house.

Augusta Smith